Value Based Guidance

RDx Bioscience supports risk-bearing entities by applying laboratory tools and programs to achieve their quality goals.


RDx BioScience endorses the shift by healthcare providers to accept risk-based contracts with emphasis on creating value through quality and clinical outcomes.


With expertise in risk-based contracting and new diagnostic tools, RDx BioScience supports health organizations through detailed guidance to gain additional competitive advantage.


RDx BioScience has proprietary algorithms to support delegated medical groups, ACOs, Medicare STARs, MIPS and state-based Medicaid incentive bonuses to deliver remarkable results.


RDx Bioscience is dedicated to providing support to risk-bearing entities additional laboratory tools and programs to achieve their quality goals.


Our Laboratories Provide Critical Support in These Areas of Risk-Based Contracting:

Cost Containment

RDx Bioscience created several programs for risk-bearing entities to reduce re-admissions, future utilization and improved care coordination based on proprietary medication adherence assays, genetic testing and other laboratory interventions.

Risk Adjustment

RDx Bioscience has specialty algorithms for the identification of additional chronic illnesses through laboratory analysis.

Quality Measures

RDx Bioscience supports organizations in closing quality gaps in care and monitoring outcome measures in Medicare STARs, ACOs and State Medicaid programs.