Respiratory Pathogen Panel Targets (RPP)

Importance of RPP Testing

  • Upper respiratory infection is responsible for many life-threatening illnesses. The Flu and other series u and other serious pulmonary infections affect 5 million people annually, killing 500,000.
  • Treatments vary greatly for bacterial or viral infections – Identification of the pathogen is necessary for rapid appropriate intervention, to limit the duration and severity of symptoms.
  • Antibiotic resistance, accelerated by the needless use of antibiotics during a viral infection, is cited by the World Health Organization as a major threat to global public health.

RDx offers a multiplexed molecular respiratory pathogen panel developed to broaden and streamline testing for multiple viral and bacterial agents of the upper respiratory tract. The test is performed by nasopharyngeal swab and provides more information quickly and accurately.

Benefits of RPP Testing

  • RPP by PCRtesting identifies causative organism/bacteria/pathogen by its DNA/RNA – which makes it possible to quickly diagnosis the type of infection.
  • RPP testing is a useful tool in avoiding over prescribing of antibiotics.
  • Average of 24-48 hour turnaround time

Comprehensive Respiratory Pathogen Detection by Molecular PCR Testing.

Viral Targets

Influenza A



Influenza A H1

Parainfluenza virus 1

Coronovirus HKU1

Influenza A H3

Parainfluenza virus 2

Coronavirus NL63

Influenza B

Parainfluenza virus 3

Coronovirus 229E

Respiratory Syncytial Virus A

Parainfluenza virus 4

Coronavirus OC43

Respiratory Syncytial Virus B

Human Metapneumovirus

Human Bocavirus

Bacterial Targets

Chlamydophila pneumoniae

Mycoplasma pneumoniae

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