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KENILWORTH, N.J.–RDx BioScience (RDx), providers of high quality laboratory and genomic testing, and evidence-based research designed to direct patient care for clinicians, employers and payers, cites the key benefits of pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing for self-insured companies and plan sponsors. By determining individual responses to specific drugs, as well as identifying drug-drug interactions, medication allergies, and trial-and-error medications, RDx PGx reduces the risk for adverse drug reactions and ineffective prescribing, making medication treatment safer and at lower cost.

“RDx’ PGx testing uses an individual’s specific genetic makeup to help determine the most effective medications, making it possible for self-funded employers to lower medication expenses – one of the highest drivers in the total cost of care,” says Scott Howell, DO, MPH&TM, CPE, chief medical officer, RDx. “Since every person metabolizes drugs differently, finding the most appropriate dose based on genetic profile is critical. RDx PGx is becoming the standard of care nationwide because it ensures that plan members are on the correct medication and dosage – right from the beginning.”

RDx’ PGx testing provides clear, concise results that assist in reducing medication prescribing errors. By identifying responders and non-responders to medications and optimizing drug dosage, RDx’ PGx helps to improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall health of the workforce.

“This kind of precision medicine has a positive impact on worker productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism,” adds Dr. Howell. “Working in collaboration with self-insured plan sponsors, and adhering to strict confidentiality and privacy laws that ensure that genetic information is kept private or only shared with an individual’s personal physician, RDx is taking the lead to integrate PGx testing into physician’s practices.”

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