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KENILWORTH, N.J.–RDx BioScience (RDx), providers of high-quality laboratory and genomic testing, and evidence-based research designed to direct patient care for clinicians, employers and payers, urges leaders to consider the benefits of offering genomic testing to identify abnormalities that dictate how a patient’s cancer behaves and determine how it can be proactively targeted with certain drug therapies. Collaborating with providers, RDx reviews a member’s medical history, assesses the appropriate use of genetic and genomic testing, and interprets tests results.

“With so many people impacted by cancer, employers and payers should be aware that technology advances now make it possible to perform routine genomic tumor tests that cost about the same as normal laboratory tests,” says Scott Howell, DO, MPH&TM, CPE, chief medical officer, RDx. “A family medical history can help identify people with a higher-than-usual risk of cancer. Because of the complex nature and volume of testing, however, professional interpretation is necessary to understand the clinical meaning and potential benefit to employees and members.”

A growing number of clinical lab professionals are serving as collaborators, helping to guide physicians about prescribing and interpreting the results of diagnostic lab tests. In this increasingly vital role, lab professionals also provide recommendations on tools to optimize clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and improve member satisfaction.

Dr. Howell adds, “Genomic tumor testing is an evolving science that represents the future of medicine, and is leading to new strategies in the treatment of some cancers.”

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