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KENILWORTH, N.J.–RDx BioScience (RDx), providers of high quality laboratory and genomic testing, and evidence-based research designed to direct patient care for clinicians, employers and payers, announces its collaboration with MedTek21, a comprehensive medication risk management platform that delivers the benefits of continuous genomics-based medication monitoring to every patient. RDx Pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing identifies potential adverse drug events (ADEs) or ineffective drug responses, an opportunity for self-insured companies and plan sponsors to reduce healthcare costs over the long term by diminishing the duration and severity of illness and the costs associated with ineffective treatment and avoidable ADEs.

“Together with MedTek21, RDx PGx is ensuring safer, more effective prescribing for every plan member, enabling more personalized and cost-effective medication strategies that lead to better patient outcomes at lower costs,” says Scott Howell, DO, MPH&TM, CPE, chief medical officer, RDx. “Our goal is to ensure that individuals get the right drug, right from the start, and help payers lower their medication expenses.”

For providers, PGx testing helps them to explain or predict unexpected medication outcomes, identify patients at higher risk for certain medication outcomes and reduce medication trials and prolonged symptoms.

Results of RDx PGx determined that medication cost savings related to the identified reduction and replacement opportunities exceed the cost of testing — estimated at $1,300 per patient annually assuming full implementation. Taken together, gastrointestinal, psychotropic and cardiovascular drug reductions and replacements accounted for over $150,000 in annualized savings.

“By avoiding ADEs, identifying responders and non-responders to medications, and optimizing drug dosage, RDx PGx testing helps to improve individual patient outcomes while lowering the overall cost of care for health payers,” Dr. Howell adds.

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