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KENILWORTH, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With the passage of new federal opioid legislation to help prevent opioid misuse and abuse, better inform patients in pain management, and set up systems for safe storage and disposal of unused opioid prescriptions, RDx BioScience emphasizes the importance of prescriber education, increased access to drug testing programs, and heightened vigilance regarding New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) – synthetic, illicit drugs – that are hitting the street and threatening lives. RDx BioScience, a comprehensive laboratory with opioid expertise supporting valued-based organizations, actively underwrites prescriber education programs and works with self-funded employers, plan sponsors and payers to adopt more cost-effective drug testing programs.

“Mandatory physician education surrounding opioid prescribing coupled with care coordination that improves pain symptoms, medication adherence and the identification of co-morbid behavioral health diagnoses are important steps in winning the battle against opioid abuse,” says Scott Howell, D.O., MPH & TM, CPE, chief medical officer, RDx. “Many individuals accessing care in addiction medicine clinics have pain management issues, apart from abstinence, that are not well addressed.”

He also points to the stark reality that our current system does not have the necessary capacity to truly meet clinical demand for testing. He calls upon the nation’s employers and health plans to increase their contracting and reimbursement with an expanded network of labs that can meet the needs of medical providers who are ordering drug tests.

“A limited 5 or 10 panel urine drug screen is inexpensive, but the hidden costs of not having a drug testing program can be dramatically higher, and excessive or unnecessary testing imposes unwarranted costs,” says Dr. Howell. “Drug testing is a powerful risk mitigation tool that provides far-reaching organizational and societal benefits, but it’s critically important for payers to partner with a highly reputable toxicology lab and drug testing facility that supports ASAM guidelines.”

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