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KENILWORTH, N.J.–RDx BioScience (RDx), providers of high-quality laboratory and genomic testing and evidence-based research designed to direct patient care for clinicians, employers and payers, announces the release of its white paper, “Economic Value of Drug Testing in the Workplace for Health Payers & Employers.” Authored by Scott Howell, DO, MPH&TM, CPE, chief medical officer, RDx BioScience, the paper articulates opportunities for payers and employers to use drug testing to decrease employee turnover and absenteeism, reduce employer risk, and lower workers’ compensation incidence rates.

“Employment drug testing provides far-reaching organizational and societal benefits, and promotes a safer, more productive workplace,” says Dr. Howell. “As the opioid crisis continues to penetrate across all racial and socioeconomic strata, hard-working middle-class America has become devastated. Today, it’s become an imperative for payers and employers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how deeply this issue cuts, and play a key role in curbing a deadly epidemic.”

Employees who abuse prescription drugs are two to five times more likely to take unexcused absences, be late for work, be injured or violent at work, file workers’ compensation claims, and quit or be fired within one year of employment. In contrast, employees in recovery for substance abuse save a company more than $3,200 a year.

“Companies and health plans must increase their contracting and reimbursement with an expanded network of labs that can meet the needs of medical providers who are ordering drug tests,” Dr. Howell adds. “Given that the U.S. represents five percent of the world’s population and consumes 60 percent of the world’s supply of illicit drugs, drug testing can be viewed as an investment against the cost of low productivity.”

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