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KENILWORTH, N.J.–RDx BioScience (RDx) providers of high-quality laboratory and genomic testing and evidence-based research designed to direct patient care for clinicians, employers and payers, announces the release of its White Paper, “Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Time (Right Healthcare Team): Pharmacogenomics Can Prevent Drug Interaction and Adverse Events.” Co-authored by Eric W. Johnson, Ph.D., director of laboratory services, RDx, Inc., and Ashley Kiley, MPH, provider relations, RDx, Inc., the paper highlights the growing importance of pharmacogenomics (PGx) for improving prescribing safety, enhancing clinical outcomes and mitigating adverse drug reactions. Adverse drug reactions cause two million serious events and 100,000 deaths in the U.S. each year, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“A PGx test can serve as a baseline reference point, enabling a physician to predict an adverse reaction to specific drugs when prescribing or modifying prescriptions,” says Ashley Kiley, MPH, business development manager, RDx, chair, Industry Advisory Committee and board member, New York Pain Society. “The goal of PGx testing is to help physicians provide the best possible treatment regimen for each particular patient through a simple buccal swab. It’s about pinpointing the right drug at the right dose, for the right patient.”

The paper outlines how personalized pain management can determine the most effective and individualized balance at which a patient experiences maximum desirable analgesic relief and minimal undesirable adverse effects. Research has shown that maintaining steady levels of opioids contributes to pain relief, but patients metabolize pain medications at different rates. Slow metabolizers of opioids may sustain dangerously high levels of opioids in the body, resulting in adverse events.

Kiley adds, “Accessible, reliable and rapid testing enables doctors, care-givers and patients to get the information necessary to achieve the highest quality and outcomes.”

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