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“As a diagnostics-driven bioscience firm, we are dedicated to value-based personalized medicine.  We are pioneering new strategies to guide the care for the chronically ill, and we measure our success – not in the number of tests performed – but in terms of lives improved and patients saved.”


Pharmacogenomics: The Right Medicine for the Right Patient

“Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) double the cost for treatment, lengths of stay, and patient mortality – with the number of ADEs reported to the FDA rising dramatically.”


On average, 90 percent of drugs work in only 30-50 percent of individuals.


45% of adverse drug reactions are preventable.


In the US, up to 7% of all hospitalizations are due to adverse drug reactions.

The Future is Here

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RDx BioScience embraces and supports ASAM guidelines for appropriate testing:


Clinical leadership of addictionology physicians with decades of expertise


Ongoing validation for testing of newly designed synthetic drugs


Guidance on best practices for diagnostics in addiction treatment


Very low testing cutoff levels


Rapid turnaround times necessary for appropriate treatment


Consultations with PhD toxicologists for rapid interpretation of results


A full blood and genetics test menu, to evaluate the complete health of the client who seeks sobriety


Oral testing capabilities


Providing Critical Support For:

Guidance in the appropriate treatment of each member, personalized and directed by objective diagnostics.

Quality Measures

Earning RAF scoring that truly reflects the health of patients served, resulting in better outcomes and cost efficiency

Risk Adjustment

Controlling costs through timely selection of cutting-edge diagnostic testing appropriate to the population.

Cost Containment

Discover What's Possible With Value-Based Care.

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